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Albuquerque child psychiatrist charged with death of 36 patients

The New Mexico police are investigating an Albuquerque psychiatrist in relation to drug overdose deaths of 36 patients. The 74-year-old psychiatrist was most commonly known for his work with children. However, authorities have not yet commented on whether any of the deaths involved minors.

How hospitals can reduce adverse impact of ICU stays on patients

When a patient is admitted to any Intensive Care Unit (ICU) in New Mexico, he or she should receive close, constant medical attention. Patients and their families should expect round-the-clock care and sufficient staffing resources capable of treating such high-risk patients.

Lawsuit: Technicians stuck drummer 40 times looking for vein

When people undergo routine medical procedures, hospital staff members typically assure them not to be concerned. After all, if it is something the doctors and nurses have successfully done numerous times and unlikely to present any complications, there should be no reason to be nervous.

3 common types of medical errors and how to prevent them

There are more medications on the market than ever before. And while having more medication can improve treatment and treatment options for people, it can also increase the potential for medication-related errors, which is already a serious issue. In fact, an estimated 1.3 million people suffer injuries becuase of medication errors every year, according to reports

Adverse outcome not always indicative of medical malpractice

When people take medication, undergo surgery or receive care in the hospital, the hope and expectation is that they will feel better as a result. Unfortunately, this doesn't always happen and people can suffer a complication or adverse medical event. 

What are WSPEs and what can patients, doctors do about them?

Having surgery can be a frightening experience for anyone, whether they are undergoing elective, cosmetic surgery or surgery that can save their lives. Every surgical procedure comes with some risk, and there is no guarantee that an operation will be free of complications.

Balancing risks with benefits of antibiotics for premature babies

When babies are born extremely early, their health and well-being is incredibly fragile. They often have yet to develop critical body systems and capabilities to do things like breathe, eat and fight infection. As such, medical intervention is crucial for their survival.

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