You shouldn’t have to provide your own medical diagnosis

Sometimes when you are not feeling well, you might try to work through your pain. In many cases, an upset stomach might ease over a day or two. And some pain may come and go.

But it can be especially difficult to know what to do when your child begins expressing pain. Unfortunately, if you bring your daughter to the doctor because of stomach pain, they could tell you she has gastroenteritis and send her home. However, sometimes doctors do not diagnose conditions correctly; such a mistake cost one little girl her life.

Misdiagnosis potentially led to young girl’s death

Elspeth Moore’s parents first brought her to the hospital when, among other symptoms, her heart rate increased. She had a fever and diarrhea, and her stomach hurt. The physician told the 5-year-old’s parents Moore had a virus and discharged her.  

At first, it appeared as though Moore’s symptoms improved. However, just days after her visit to the doctor, the little girl passed away from appendicitis. And while the coroner supported the doctor’s initial diagnosis, he suggested that the parents received insufficient instructions for home care and what they needed to watch for to return their daughter back to the hospital.

Symptoms of appendicitis

If you experience pain or discomfort, it is probably not in your best interest to try to diagnose yourself or your child. However, you might want to see your doctor if you experience signs and symptoms of appendicitis, including:

  • Bloating in your abdomen
  • Appetite loss
  • Low-grade fever
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Sudden pain in your lower right abdomen

If your pain worsens when you walk, cough or make sudden movements, you might be wise to seek immediate medical attention. And if you believe your doctor was negligent in providing an accurate diagnosis, you may want to explore your options.

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