Lawsuit cites numerous failures in fatal dental procedure

Any time a child gets sick or suffers fatal injuries unexpectedly, there is cause for concern. This is especially true in cases where a child was in the care of medical professionals at the time. 

Under such circumstances, a thorough investigation will be crucial in determining what went wrong and who -- if anyone -- is to blame. In cases revealing medical mistakes, parents will want to examine their legal options for holding the appropriate party accountable. 

This is what one child's parents are doing after their 2-year-old son died after a dental procedure. 

Numerous mistakes uncovered

According to reports, the boy's parents were told their son needed baby crowns and root canals, called pulpotomies. Before and during the procedure, however, they claim numerous mistakes were made. These include:

  • Failure to thoroughly evaluate the child
  • Failure to properly inform the parents about the procedure
  • Silencing the boy's pulse and oxygen saturation monitor when the alarm went off
  • Leaving the boy alone in recovery without supervision or a functioning oxygen tank

Flawed from the start

These allegations paint a picture of poor organization, inadequate care and lacking patient oversight. The lawsuit ties these conditions to a poor business model that was established to prioritize quantity of patients over the quality of care.

In fact, the parents' suit claims that dentists who performed their son's procedure were working on another patient just two minutes after the boy entered recovery. Neither they nor the anesthesiologist stayed in to monitor the boy to make sure he recovered.

These incidents are tragic reminders that some cases of medical mistakes are the result of something much greater than a single person's decision or misstep. In some situations, demanding schedules, clinic policies and accepted practices established by a facility contribute as much or more to an error. 

Because of this, is it wise to consult an attorney and ensure a thorough investigation happens. Doing so can uncover larger systemic problems and hopefully prompt widespread change to prevent similar accidents from occurring.

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