Woman's kidney mistakenly removed during surgery

Medical malpractice cases are typically complex, and they often require extensive investigation into surgical policies and procedures. That said, sometimes the mistakes that trigger these claims are quite blatant.

For instance, back in 2016, a woman went in for a spinal fusion surgery. When she woke up, she learned that a surgeon had mistakenly removed one of her kidneys.

"Medically unnecessary procedure"

According to a complaint filed on behalf of the patient, she went in for spinal fusion surgery -- an increasingly common operation that fuses two bones together to restore a person's stability. 

During the operation, an assisting surgeon saw a mass, which he believed to be a cancerous tumor in her pelvic area. He removed the mass completely only to learn later that it was not a tumor; it was her healthy kidney.

The decision to remove the mass was unnecessary, according to the complaint, and it should never have happened.

Never events

This case is an example of a "never event", or an event that is so preventable it should never happen. Unfortunately, these types of situations do happen and they put patients in very real danger. In this case, the woman might experience long-term health problems like loss of kidney function and high blood pressure.

Seeking resolutions

The parties reportedly settled the case for an unspecified amount of money, though the doctor who performed the unnecessary operation did not admit fault. He may also face penalties ranging from a fine to loss of his medical license.

In similar cases, legal action may be warranted. Again, these types of events should never happen, and they can result in considerable distress, medical complications and other damages for a patient. Pursuing a legal claim can help patients get the compensation for which they may be eligible and potentially prevent another patient from suffering a similar event.

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