People in the smaller vehicles get hurt more in truck crashes

Commercial trucks are a critical part of the modern American capitalist system. They help keep costs low for goods and materials transported across the country. Unfortunately, the trade-off for the cost reduction provided by commercial trucking is often more risk on the road.

Sharing the roads with commercial trucks is downright scary. These massive vehicles have incredibly loud horns, cause massive wind shear and tend to drive very aggressively. This can create unnecessary risk on the road. Being aware of this risk is critical, especially because you are at a greater risk than anyone in a commercial truck.

The people in the smaller vehicles are almost always at higher risk

In a typical collision between two similarly sized vehicles, the occupants of both vehicles will likely have a similar degree of risk. Of course, depending on the kind of accident, the speed at which the vehicles are traveling and other factors, one party may end up severely injured, while the other walks away with minor bruising.

Everyone on the road does their best to avoid collisions because a crash creates a danger for all the vehicles involved. The same is not true of collisions between commercial trucks and passenger vehicles. When a commercial truck collides with a passenger vehicle, the people in the passenger vehicle are almost always the ones who suffer serious injuries.

The reasons for this discrepancy are obvious. Commercial trucks are many times larger and heavier than passenger vehicles. A collision between the two often results in the total destruction of the smaller vehicle. The people inside may suffer extreme injuries or even die as a result of the collision. Statistically, 97 percent of the fatalities that result from collisions between commercial trucks and passenger vehicles are the people in the smaller vehicle.

Because truck drivers do not have an equal share of the risk, they are more likely to drive aggressively without worrying about their personal safety or to make other poor decisions. After all, commercial drivers and their vehicles won't bear the brunt of the negative effects of a collision. That can lead to risky behavior, such as driving while fatigued or sending text messages while driving.

Injured drivers can hold negligent commercial drivers accountable

Commercial drivers who cause collisions with passenger vehicles may experience career consequences, depending on the cause of the crash. They may lose their commercial license or their job. However, those consequences alone are not adequate justice in many cases, especially because it doesn't offset the impact of the collision on the people in the smaller vehicles.

The victims in the smaller vehicles will likely have the legal right to pursue civil action against a negligent truck driver who causes a crash. You may have the right to seek compensation for lost wages, medical bills and the replacement cost of your vehicle.

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