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Tech companies work to address fatigue in trucking industry

Fatigue is a major concern in the trucking industry. Between high demand for goods to be delivered by truck and the troubling shortage of truckers, drivers are putting in a lot of hours on the road. And despite regulations in place to curb excessive driving, the fact is that many truckers are putting their lives and the lives of other motorists in danger by being on the road too long.

How hospitals can reduce adverse impact of ICU stays on patients

When a patient is admitted to any Intensive Care Unit (ICU) in New Mexico, he or she should receive close, constant medical attention. Patients and their families should expect round-the-clock care and sufficient staffing resources capable of treating such high-risk patients.

Handling business disputes when they involve family

Many businesses across New Mexico are family businesses. Even if they didn't start that way, business owners might hire family as time goes by. There are numerous benefits to working with family, like supporting each other and sharing in the success of a company.

Multiple issues uncovered in crash that killed 20 people

Commercial vehicles that transport goods and people are held to a high standard with regard to inspections and safety equipment; the drivers of these vehicles are held to a higher standard as well. And while people might think that these standards only apply to truckers and the tractor-trailers that drive across the country, the fact is that they apply to all commercial vehicles and drivers, including those that transport people.

Lawsuit: Technicians stuck drummer 40 times looking for vein

When people undergo routine medical procedures, hospital staff members typically assure them not to be concerned. After all, if it is something the doctors and nurses have successfully done numerous times and unlikely to present any complications, there should be no reason to be nervous.

Recovering “black box” data from a commercial truck accident

Commercial trucks are enormous vehicles compared to consumer vehicles that share road with them, making commercial truck accidents some of the most deadly and damaging when they occur. Even relatively small commercial truck accidents can leave victims with serious injuries and thousands upon thousands of dollars in property damage and lost income during recovery.

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