4 reasons why distracted driving risks increase during the summer

Every time people get behind the wheel of their car or truck, there is at least some risk of getting into an accident. However, summertime comes with a higher risk of accident than other times of year, especially with regard to distracted driving.

As noted in a recent BusinessWire article, drivers reportedly spend more time distracted by their phones during summer months than they do during other months. 

How bad is the problem?

A recent analysis of driver behavior from 20,000 drivers shows that drivers are distracted for about 15 minutes per hour of driving time during the summer months. This is a 10 percent increase over non-summer months. 

Possible reasons for increased risk of distracted drivers

  1. There are more drivers on the road. People are more likely to take road trips and weekend drives to visit friends or family during the summer. This means a higher number of cars and drivers on the road.
  2. More drivers are young teens on break from school. Teens are particularly susceptible to distracted driving, and instead of spending days in classrooms and nights doing homework, teens are more likely to be driving around with friends or going to and from a summer job. 
  3. Drivers can be taking longer trips. As noted in the article, motorists travel 20 percent more miles during the summer than they do in winter months. Longer stretches of time in the car can lead to increased opportunity and temptation to drive while distracted.
  4. Trips may be more recreational and social. Drivers' attitudes may be more relaxed during the summer, especially when they are driving with friends or just for fun. In these situations, drivers may be less focused on safe driving.

Despite the increased risk for distracted driving this summer, it is possible for all motorists to do their part to keep roads safer by avoiding distracted driving. Whether you drive a small car or a massive commercial truck, you can cause a catastrophic accident if you lose control of your vehicle, so staying focused on the road can help you and other motorists reach a destination safely.

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