Cargo spills after truck crashes: No laughing matter

Commercial trucks travel millions of miles every year, and every mile comes with some amount of risk. Despite the numerous state and federal trucking regulations in place, mistakes and accidents can still happen. When they do, the consequences can be catastrophic for anyone involved.

For instance, if a truck is in an accident in New Mexico and its cargo spills, there can be extensive damages caused by the spilled materials. Below, we examine some of the damage that can be done in these situations.

  1. Increased threats to accident victims: Cargo that spills in an accident could pose an added threat to people involved in the crash. It could be heavy, flammable or hazardous which can threaten recovery efforts and compound the injuries a party may have already suffered.
  2. Risk of secondary accidents: Cargo spills can quickly get out of control and obstruct roadways. Depending on the type of cargo involved, it may not be possible to clean it up immediately or easily. The resulting congestion, delays and detours could catch other motorists off guard, leading to secondary crashes.
  3. Loss of spilled cargo: Even in accidents where no one is hurt, cargo spills can still be damaging. For instance, recently in London, a dairy truck lost a load of milk crates when they spilled. And while people were quick to joke about the incident, the fact is that there can be a significant financial loss when cargo spills.

Because of all the damage that spilled cargo can cause, it is crucial for parties to ensure it is properly loaded, labeled and secured during transport. Failure to do any of these things could lead to or exacerbate a serious crash.

Any person injured as a result of spilled cargo or other type of trucking accident has the option of discussing with an attorney the legal remedies available. Depending on the details of the accident, there could be substantial compensation available to injured parties.

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