5 reasons for car accidents that are hard to avoid

Some car accident causes, like speeding or distracted driving, are relatively easy for anyone to avoid. It's just a conscious choice. However, plenty of accidents in New Mexico have external causes that can seem all but impossible to avoid.


The impact

A crash like this still disrupts your day. It's jarring, emotionally difficult and it ruins your schedule. It could lead to serious injuries, medical bills and many other ramifications. As such, it's important that you understand the risks. Below are five common reasons for car accidents every driver may encounter.

1. The weather.

New Mexico may not get snow and ice very often, but rain and fog are both a potential threat. Slick roads and a lack of visibility can and do lead to car accidents every year. When a sudden storm falls, drivers get caught in it, and even little errors get compounded by the weather.

2. Driving at night.

You may have no choice in when you're on the road, but driving at night comes with some serious challenges. Not being able to see as well can cost precious seconds in reaction time, turning a near miss into a crash. It's also easier to miss important road signs, it's harder to see pedestrians and the dark can feel unsettling in rural areas for those used to the ever-present light of the city.

3. Inexperience

There is only one way for young drivers to gain experience, and that's to drive. Unfortunately, their inexperience can still cause accidents along the way. Everyone has been there, and the best drivers always learn from mistakes made when they were young.

4. Road designs.

Some designs are inherently more dangerous. A steep hill cuts off visibility when you're pulling out of a cross street. A sharp curve seems too dangerous at the posted speed limit. A change in surface materials alters the way your tires grip the road and nearly causes you to lose control. Traffic signals installed to keep you safe don't work or aren't installed properly, so there is confusion on all sides.

5. Equipment issues and mechanical problems.

Mechanical issues often strike without warning. You hit a pothole and your tire blows out. Your windshield wipers stop working as heavy rain begins to fall and you can't see. The car simply breaks down, without any sign that things had gone wrong, while you're in rush-hour traffic.


Looking at these issues helps to break down some misconceptions about people who drive dangerously or negligently always causing car accidents. Accidents happen for a wide variety of reasons, and many occur in mere seconds, before drivers even fully realize what's happening. When these crashes occur, it's important for everyone involved to know their legal rights.

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