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Know your options if a party misuses protected property

A company's digital presence and capabilities have never been more important to its plan for success. Many businesses dedicate vast resources to things like websites, building a social media presence, reaching new clients and offering new digital or virtual resources.

The need to protect digital property has never been more important, either. This can include taking action against parties that violate intellectual property rights online.

When (and where) are truck accidents more likely to happen?

Truck accidents are among the most devastating types of collisions. Every year, thousands of people die in these crashes; many more get injured.

While it is not possible to stop every truck accident, it is possible to prevent some of them. One way to do this is by understanding when and where truck crashes are more likely to occur. This awareness can help drivers make better decisions and hopefully avoid an accident.

Recovering from surgery: What you should know

Even when the result will make life better, going in for surgery is not something anyone looks forward to. It's one of those experiences you hope to "get through" and then never worry about again.

There are so many variables when you go in for surgery but there are a few things you can know and do to make the process easier.

When business policies change, prepare for disputes

While we often discuss business policies or procedures that affect workers or parties to a contract, there are also situations in which customers are the people primarily affected by a specific policy.

Because of how crucial -- and tenuous -- relationships between a company and its customer base is, it is vital for business owners in Albuquerque to prepare for some potential backlash if they put in place a policy that adversely affects consumers.

Different rules apply to different types of drivers

Every driver has an obligation to be safe and comply with the laws behind the wheel. However, these laws vary between states and among drivers. For instance, truck drivers must comply with different rules regarding licensing, impairment and distraction.

Whether you are a regular motorist or a commercial driver, knowing these differences can be crucial, especially if you have recently been in a trucking accident.

Can sepsis lead to medical malpractice claims?

Being in the hospital can be an upsetting and frightening experience for anyone, regardless of why they are there in the first place. And while we expect doctors and nurses to help us feel better in the sometimes, patients get worse.

For instance, people with untreated infections can develop sepsis, which is a life-threatening response to infection. People in hospitals can be at an especially at risk for sepsis because they might have weakened immune systems or struggle with chronic medical conditions that lead to more frequent infections.

Why legal guidance is important in construction defect claims

Construction defects can derail projects and render homes or commercial buildings unsafe. As such, it is crucial for the involved parties to address the alleged defect promptly and thoroughly to ensure any potential or actual issues get resolved. 

However, this is typically easier said than done. At virtually every step of the legal process, there is room for disputes to arise. Being aware of these potential disputes can help parties prepare their cases and appreciate the importance of having legal guidance.

What damages could be recovered after a fatal truck crash?

Whenever a huge truck is involved in a crash, there is a risk that one or more people could be killed in the accident. Trucks are enormous and weigh tens of thousands of pounds, which means that even seemingly minor collisions or brief losses of control can prove to be catastrophic.

Under these circumstances, it can be crucial to identify any negligent or reckless parties and file a legal claim seeking damages. While nothing can truly compensate families for a loss like this, a wrongful death claim can be effective at acknowledging both financial and non-financial damages. 

Serious problems caused by retained surgical items

Some of the most upsetting examples of medical malpractice include cases where a surgical tool or other foreign object is left inside a person. Retained surgical items present serious complications for patients, and unfortunately, statistics show that they affect roughly 1,500 patients ever year.

While this may seem like a small number, especially considering there are an estimated 28 million operations performed every year in the U.S., each case has the potential to threaten a person's life. As such, it is vital to take these situations seriously and examine the legal options available.

3 types of distracted driving that can impact truckers

Do you spend a lot of time behind the wheel of your car? If so, you realize just how difficult it can be to maintain your focus at all times.

No matter how hard you try, you may be tempted to pick up your cell phone when you should be watching the road. And no matter how hard you try, there will be times when you turn around to see what your child or pet is doing in the back seat.

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