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How stereotypes can lead to missed diagnoses

Stereotypes can be problematic in just about any setting, from the classroom to the workplace to a courtroom. Stereotypes can lead to skewed, oversimplified opinions, which can be completely inaccurate. Unfortunately, it is hard to get away from stereotypes, even when they have harmful results.

For instance, a recent article from Popular Science explored the problems with stereotyping patients in a medical setting. According to the report, stereotyping illnesses as a "male disease" or a "female" disease can potentially lead to misdiagnoses. 

Seeking legal guidance crucial when businesses face lawsuits

Operating a business requires owners to wear many hats and tackle many obstacles on a regular basis. This can be an overwhelming responsibility for someone who does not ask for help when they need it. 

For instance, if your business is threatened with a lawsuit, then it can be vital that you consult an attorney experienced in resolving business disputes. For at least the few reasons we discuss below, doing so sooner than later can ultimately help you pursue a more favorable outcome. 

Alcohol may be a factor in some commercial vehicle crashes

Everyone who has a driver's license in New Mexico has passed driver's training, which means they know that drinking and driving is against the law. According to the New Mexico Motor Vehicle Division, at least 40 percent of fatal crashes involve alcohol. While there's no figure about how many crashes with commercial vehicles involve alcohol, it's reasonable to believe at least some of them do. Combine alcohol with large blind spots and other risk factors, and it's clearly a dangerous situation.

In order to protect people on the road from the dangerous affect of alcohol on drivers, New Mexico has laws in place that limit how much alcohol people can legally have in their bodies while driving. Violating that law, either as the person driving a passenger vehicle or a commercial one, could result in both criminal charges and civil lawsuits if there is a crash.

3 reasons why truck accidents can be so complicated

Accidents involving tractor-trailers or other types of commercial vehicles can be some of the most complex accidents on the road. If you are involved in one of these crashes, you should know that there will likely be complications when it comes to figuring out what happened and who is liable.

Below, we discuss three common elements that make it more difficult to get answers after truck accidents in Albuquerque.

Precious metals could provide valuable protection in hospitals

One of the biggest threats to patient safety in a hospital setting is the risk of infection. People are already sick and their immune systems can be compromised after surgery making the consequences of an infection particularly troubling.

Because of these risks, hospitals and medical staff are required to take certain precautions to prevent the spread of an infection. Unfortunately, these precautions can fail so it is important for hospitals to consistently review their policies and identify new ways to keep patients safe. One option that hospitals in Albuquerque and elsewhere in the U.S. may consider in the future is copper-coated uniforms.

3 possible defenses to construction defect claims

It is not unusual for disputes and issues to arise during or upon completion of a construction project, particularly when it is an extensive project. One such issue involves alleged construction defects.

Construction defect claims typically involve work or products that are defective and lead to problems with a building like leaks, structural failures and dry rot. These claims are serious and they can have costly results, but there are numerous defenses to allegations of construction defects, including the three we discuss in this post.

What can patients do to minimize risk of adverse medical events?

It can be very upsetting to leave a doctor's appointment confused or with unanswered questions. Unfortunately, this is not that uncommon considering the fact that doctors are spending less time with patients. Under these circumstances, mistakes can be made with regard to a patient's care, medication or diagnosis.

To minimize the potential for confusion and adverse medical events after a doctor visit, patients can take a few important steps before, during and after an appointment. 

Trucking accidents: Factors that influence the risk of a wreck

Trucking crashes are some of the most devastating, and often it's easy to blame the driver of the commercial vehicle. The truth is that either party can be to blame in a commercial crash. Sometimes cars get too close to commercial drivers who can't slow down in time to prevent from hitting them. Other times, a commercial driver may forget to look alongside his or her vehicle, leading to a crash into the driver in the next lane.

Between negligence, hazards and dangerous driving techniques, there are plenty of reasons to be wary of driving. Many factors influence crashes including the three following issues.

Why are there still sleep-deprived truckers on the road?

Numerous laws and trucking regulations are in place to prevent truck crashes and keep motorists safe. They are supposed to prevent accidents caused by sleep-deprived drivers, unsafe cargo and defective equipment, but these accidents still happen leaving many people to wonder why.

The answer is simple and frustrating: People are breaking the rules.

7 ways employee handbooks can prevent employment disputes

Any legal dispute involving a business has the potential to be costly, both financially and with regard to company resources. As such, business owners and employers in Albuquerque would be wise to take whatever steps they can to prevent legal battles.

One such step is to have a comprehensive employee handbook. These handbooks can prevent disputes with employees in a number of ways.

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