Protecting The Interests Of Businesses In Complex Litigation

When a business is in a situation where a dispute arises, either with another business or individual, the business needs to take immediate action to preserve all of the options that may be available. The longer that the company waits, the less opportunities there may be to resolve the situation in a favorable manner before getting involved in time-consuming and costly litigation.

The attorneys at Doughty Alcaraz, P.A., are experienced litigators who have handled a number of complex cases for business owners and their key employees. From our offices in Albuquerque, we represent clients throughout New Mexico with claims that may have a significant impact upon the interests of a business.

An Aggressive Team Focused On Results

We take your case seriously, because we know that the outcome will have a substantial impact upon your future or the future of your company. You will meet directly with an attorney who will be able to answer your questions, and explain the process to you. We want to put you in the position to be in control of your case.

Our lawyers handle a number of different kinds of complex litigation involving businesses, including:

  • Helping businesses resolve breach of contract concerns
  • Representing corporate officers and directors when faced with the threat of litigation
  • Assisting employers and employees with issues related to employment contract disputes
  • Any other legal issue facing a business entity or key employee of the business

Throughout the entire process, we are constantly evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of your claims. If it is possible to bring an end to the case prior to trial, we explain why we think resolving the case is in your best interests.

When litigation becomes a certainty, we are more than ready to take on whatever challenges we may encounter. As experienced trial attorneys, we know what goes into making a successful case. We take the time to prepare for trial, so that we can present your case as strongly as possible. We want you to have every opportunity to obtain a successful result.

Learn More About Our Business Litigation Services

Time is an important factor in your case. Do not wait until a trial is imminent before calling us to discuss your options. It may put you in a very difficult position. To schedule a free consultation with one of our lawyers, please call our office at 505-273-9535 or send us an email. Se Habla Español.